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Welcome to the Dickinson Citizens Police Academy

Alumni Association

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Welcome to the Dickinson Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA). The DCPAAA was founded by graduates of the Dickinson Citizens Police Academy (DCPA).

Graduates of the C.P.A., or those that have completed 2/3 of the Academy are then qualified for membership in the Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA). The DCPAAA is an organization of alumni of the CPA.

The DCPAAA works closely with the Dickinson Police Department and the Dickinson Police Officers Association with community oriented projects and concerns. The DCPAAA meets once a month and are often involved in forming fund raisers and committees that have positive effects on the community.

Meeting Info: Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at the Trinity Episcopal Church Meeting Room at 7:00pm. 

CPA Class 26 Officially Begins

02/18/2016 marked the first full class of Dickinson PD’s latest Citizens Police Academy.

Sgt. John Lopez discussed how Internal Affairs conducts investigations and how seriously each allegation is treated. He outlined the procedure from the filing requirement, who is assigned to conduct the investigation and the range of consequences for accused and, in some cases where a false allegation is made, the accuser.


Communications Supervisor Vernita Rawls and Ambery Lype with Clinton Brown presented an overview of the communications department that included required training, an absolute need to be able to multi-task and examples of 911 calls illustrating how critical the role of communications plays in handling an incident.


Dickinson Police Department holds their volunteers and PD personnel in High Praises

IMG 5062On March 14th, the Dickinson Police Department and the Dickinson Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association held there annual banquet.  On the agenda were high praises for the officer’s spouses, members of the DCPAAA, volunteers of the Annual Thanksgiving and Blue Santa Programs. 

The police department Officer of the Year award went to Officer Keith Love, Detective of the Year to Det. Frank Price and Communication Operator of the Year to Cheryl Mullen.  Awardees received their own personalized badges and a one night stay at Moody Gardens Hotel and Resort on Galveston Island. 

The DCPAAA’s Officer of the Year award was presented to Officer Johnny Smith. The Dickinson Police Department also gave out their Volunteer in Police Service Certificates to DCPAAA volunteers for having accumulated 100 to 500 plus hours of volunteer services for 2014.

The police department also gave a volunteer appreciation package to DCPAAA Member Marilyn Decker. The package consisted of a limousine ride, with police escort, to the Moody Gardens Hotel and Resort on Galveston Island for a one night stay compliments of Moody Gardens. She also received flowers donated by Crowder-Deats Flower Shop of Dickinson. Also included in the package was a dinner for two at Fish Tales Restaurant which was donated by the restaurant and, also, breakfast for two in the restaurant of Moody Gardens. Other sponsors of the appreciation package were Space City Jewelry & Animal Care Clinic of Dickinson.

L to R: DCPAAA/VIPS Members Bret Burright, Nyna Burright, Detective of the Year Frank Price, DCPAAA Officer of the Year Johnny Smith, Dickinson Police Department Officer of the year Keith Love, Communication Operator of the Year Cheryl Mullen, Dickinson Police Chief Ron Morales, DCPAAA Members of the Year Dale and Louise Krone, VIPS Members of the Year Marilyn and Louis Decker, DCPAAA/VIPS Members Ken Suderman, Shelley Newberry, Ann Gana, Charles Suderman, Carolyn Suderman and Mitch Mitcheletti.

Dickinson Police Department kicks off Citizen Police Academy Class 25!

CPA Class 25 PicOn February 12th, the Dickinson Police Department kicked off its Citizen Police Academy Class 25. The program is to educate our citizens about how their police department functions and also get to know many other citizens that live in their community. The program is fifteen weeks long, and which meets on Thursday nights at the police department. Some of the presentations include the District Judge Kerry Neeves giving a presentation on the court system, Citizen on Patrol Training, and Firearms Safety. Members of our classes are honorary members of the Dickinson Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association until they graduate. At that time members may pay their alumni dues to be full members of our wonderful organization. If anyone is interested in joining our next class please contact Officer Tony Valdez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 281-337-6370.
Pictured L to R:
Capt Melvin Mason, Jason Reyes, Larry Moody, Willian Reyes, Emmanuel Lara, Betty Gupton, Jane Rice, P.J Velazquez, Ronnie Loomis, Officer Tony Valdez, Carl Hart, Johana DeAnda, Nicholas Brown, Freda Hartfield, Retired U.S Marshal Paul Poehler, Kay Lowell, Karen Moore. Members Not Pictured: Juan Pantoja, Olivia Arteaga and Mike Bonnel

Dickinson Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Goes Live with Rapid License Plate System

COPS RLP Pic 2014

The Dickinson Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA) and the Dickinson Police Department now have a Rapid License Plate Reader System. This system allows an officer or member of the COP’s program to scan license plates on vehicles whether moving or stationary to determine if it is connected to a criminal offense i.e. stolen vehicle.

The system has been purchased from Vigilant Videos, Phase I of the training completed and the system up and running.  Phase II of training will be completed when access to the state data base has been granted – projected completion 11/14/2014.

This system scans license plates on vehicles, compares them to a system holding approximately 1.5 million records and alerts on multiple criminal offenses. It shares information with other agencies and allows for the creation of a data base unique to the City of Dickinson that can be used for outstanding warrants, suspected criminal/ narcotic activity, as well as local stolen vehicles.

This system has the potential to be of service to all citizens by helping locate vehicles and associated individuals suspected of criminal activity and removing them from our streets.

The Rapid License Plate System was purchased through a grant obtained by the DCPAAA for all their hours of volunteer service during a city function. 


Pictured: DCPAAA Members Nyna Burright and Damon Brown mounting and calibrating the RLP cameras onto their Citizen On Patrol SUV.

Dickinson Police Department and the DCPAAA never rests!

dcpaaalogoWhen you complete the Dickinson Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy and join the Alumni Association, you commit to staying busy.

In February 2015, the Dickinson Police Department will host a significant event, the start of the 25th class of the Citizens Police Academy. Since 1999, DPD has hosted at least one, and most often two, Citizens Police Academies every year. To date, over 500 citizens have attended and graduated. 


While the format has remained basically the same using line officers and supervisors to do the teaching, the class has evolved into community centered affair. Representatives from the city government, local judges, an occasional visit by a Texas Ranger and other local officials have presented materials to the classes. This next class promises to be the best yet!

When you attend a DCPAAA meeting you expect to be kept abreast on the latest actions and status of the organization. It is also an excellent opportunity to look forward and see what community events or what police related activities are coming up that you can join.

What you also may get is a presentation on a significant program. Such was the case on 09/15/2014 when Galveston County Assistant District Attorney Kayla Allen explained how the “No Refusal Program” is funded and how it is actually implemented locally. The basic concept is to get drunk drivers off the roads and processed in an efficient manner. How this is done using local judges, the District Attorney’s Office, a medical team is what makes the program effective. That and the ability of TxDot to sponsor and fund the program keep the program going.

Next month? Who knows! You have to attend to find out!

Anyone who would like to join our next Citizen Police Academy please contact Officer Tony Valdez at (281) 337-6370 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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